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Fitness & Exercise Equipment For Personal Training


Watch time fly as you transform your life.

Safe, effective 1:1 personal training in 35 minutes or less.


Certified Fitness Instructor & Personal Training Studio Laguna Hills CA


I am here to serve the community by providing fun, effective, and sustainable workouts, so that anyone can achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Change your life, NOT your schedule. I guarantee results starting with just 15 minute sessions.

Feel the burn AND peace of mind. My personalized workouts are safe for ALL ages and abilities.

Work with me AND your budget. I provide a variety of plans, payment options, and special offers so that you can invest in a program you feel excited about. 

High Quality Personal Training Fitness Equipment

I believe everyone deserves a chance to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, regardless of:






Rob Travis, Founder & CEO

Rob Travis has been in the world of fitness since he was 10 years old. Having grown up obese, he set his sights on weight loss from a young age. He started working out with his mom and quickly fell in love with living an active lifestyle (yet struggled with nutrition). From that 10 year old boy who enjoyed lifting weights and playing sports, to the man running his own personal training studio, Rob has had to go through many ups and downs, both physically and emotionally, to finally reach and maintain his healthy weight loss goal. 

From fad diets to balanced nutrition, binging TV shows to morning gym routines, self-shaming to radical acceptance, Rob has experienced every corner of the weight loss journey. In 2016 Rob lost 100 pounds, completely on his own (with the help of a degree's worth of research on fitness and nutrition). That life-changing experience left him with the calling to help others reach their wellness goals, only with much more guidance and support.

Of course for Rob the challenges and lessons learned didn't stop there. While maintaining his health and fitness goals, Rob tore his MCL⁠—an injury that would potentially compromise all of his previous hard work. Knowing all-to-well that unhealthy habits are an easy fallback when faced with barriers to practicing healthy ones, Rob was determined to work out as safely and effectively as possible. This is where his aspiration to serve folks who face limitations such as age and ability, as well as time and budget, was born. 

Time Flys Fitness is the culmination of over 5 years of professional personal training, certified nutrition, and the invaluable experience and knowledge Rob has taken from his own weight loss journey. Here at Time Flys Fitness, I am dedicated to helping those who find themselves longing to be healthier, happier, and overall feeling better, and are committed to working with clients through whatever limitations have stopped them in the past. 


Personal Training Fitness Equipment


Rob’s training style is very positive and motivating. Because of that the sessions flew by and were completed before I even realized it. Rob is very professional but at the same time very personable. He provided feedback for each exercise, letting me know if my form needed to be adjusted for maximum benefit.
Rob is a great trainer and I instantly knew that I had found a long-term partner in my health journey.


I know Rob’s new venture with his own exercise studio will be successful because of Rob’s passion for health
and fitness.

Rob is professional, knowledgeable in not only fitness, but nutrition and weight loss. He is motivating, encouraging and focused on helping his clients achieve their goals.  His expertise in technique, form and safety is world class. He made every session challenging (and some how fun) and had a unique ability to push me both mentally and physically to achieve fitness levels I never imagined possible.


Rob is the “real deal” personal trainer and you wont find a more passionate, supportive and dedicated partner to guide you on your fitness journey!




Rob gives you a workout that gives you the maximum benefit but is considerate of your physical limitations. He pushes you but at a place you can handle. I notice I can do things now that I wasn't able to do before. I'm 67 years old. I was just cleaning out the garage and I was able to hang our two bicycles from hooks in the ceiling by myself. In the past this has always been a two man job. I was genuinely surprised when I was able to do it. Just 15 minutes a week but the benefits are incredible! I highly recommend Rob.

Getting Here:

Our complex is across the street from Outback Steakhouse. If you're back is toward Outback Steakhouse, we're the 3rd building from the right.

Our Address:

25283 Cabot Rd Suite 105

Laguna Hills, CA 92653


(949) 329-3789

Contact Us:
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