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Optimal Fitness Even After 40!

Maintaining a healthy fitness level is important at any age, but it is especially critical as we age past 40. The human body undergoes significant changes over time, losing on average half a pound of muscle every year and bones become weaker for most, especially after menopause.

Fitness is crucial to your overall health and wellness. Fortunately, by using our slow workout method we can bring fitness to anyone in as little as 15 minutes! 


The slow workout method, also known as “tempo training," emphasizes slower, more controlled movements. By slowing down the movements and focusing on proper form and control, this style of strength training can build muscle and bone density more effectively while reducing the risk of injury and improving joint health.


Our  slow workouts target the biggest muscles in the body, raising your metabolism as fast as possible making fat loss a lot easier, because we can lose weight while eating more.


Perhaps most importantly, the slow workout method can be modified from high to a lower intensity than traditional weightlifting, making it a good option for older individuals who may have medical conditions or physical limitations that make high-intensity exercise difficult. With a focus on safety and proper technique, the slow workout method is a great way to establish a sustainable fitness routine that can support overall health and wellness.

Getting Started

Before starting any new exercise routine, it is crucial to consult with a doctor or fitness professional. This is particularly important for older individuals, as they may have medical conditions or physical limitations that require special attention. We can help you design a workout routine that is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that you get the most out of your workouts while minimizing the risk of injury.

Once you have talked to a doctor or had an introductory assessment at our location, we will find the best program that fits your schedule, strength level, and goals. Together we will build your strength, metabolism, bone density and endurance as you then progressively hit new benchmarks at your pace.

Other Success Factors

Proper nutrition is also essential for overall health and fitness, and it becomes even more critical as we age. A healthy, balanced diet that supports muscle growth and recovery should include plenty of whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. This type of diet can provide the essential nutrients your body needs to maintain energy, improve muscle mass, and support overall health. Luckily when you’re working with Time Flys Fitness, we take all of these factors into consideration when building your personalized fitness plan.


Lifestyle factors also play an essential role in maintaining fitness over 40. Things like getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and being physically active each day can really help you reach your goals more quickly.


Work with us to create a customizable nutrition plan to help reach your goals more efficiently! 

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